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Pure Sound & Vision is here to help you make life a whole lot smarter with the URC Smart Remote. This user-friendly, high-tech device is true automation at its finest and it will forever change your life. Stop trying to figure out how to operate 5-6 remote controls – the Smart Remote can custom-program your home theater with the ease of pressing one button. Here’s everything you need to know…


Your Smart Remote is ready to use the second you pick it up. For your convenience, the high-res LCD screen will immediately light-up & fire-up Ruko, Apple TV, Xbox 360, etc. With the support of a cerfitied URC Installer, like Pure Sound & Vision, we can program your remote exactly to your liking! We can even program your remote to fall alseep when you do!

URC MX-890 Remote Control LCD Screen

URC MX-890 Smart Remote LCD Screen


The biggest reason people want to own this powerful device: convenience. You can forget about having to turn on the cable box, TV, and receiver – the Smart Remote will do it for you once you press “power.” Additionally, it has a designated tabletop charging cradle so you no longer need to use batteries. What’s more? It communicates directly with an RF base station, so you can control everything from the kitchen, bedroom, or backyard!

URC Certified

A certified URC professional will be needed to program your Smart Remote – but, don’t fret! Even with the cost of installation services, this easy-to-use, must-have device is still affordable. And, while we’re programming your new Smart Remote, we can also install a few other audio/visual products that will make your home smarter. For example:


With thermostats that can learn, smoke alarms that can speak, and cameras that know what to look for – Pure Sound & Vision can make your home smarter (and your life a whole lot easier!) with any or all Nest products.

Lutron Lighting Control & Motorized Shades

Whether you want improved energy efficiency, or just better control of the lighting throughout your home, Lutron has a solution for you. And some Lutron systems are compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, so you can control your lights without lifting a finger. It’s that smart!

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Contact us today and we’ll help you eliminate the 5-6 remote controls that are cluttering up your home! Whether it’s the URC Smart Remote, Nest, Lutron or Sonos products, we’re here to simplify your life through technology. Let us be the team to help make your home a whole lot smarter – you’ll be so happy you did.

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