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Gear up for #Summerfest50 with the sounds of SONOS streaming throughout your entire home. With more than 20-years of home-theater installation experience, our Home Technology Experts will get you so pumped for this year’s music line up you’ll feel like you’re already there! What’s more? If you book your home installation services with Pure Sound & Vision by May 15th – we’ll offer you a $50.00 discount!

Experience User-Friendly Technology

You want the Red Hot Chill Peppers blasting while you make dinner? Done. Feel like brushing up on your favorite Tom Petty tunes? Easy.

Customers tell us time and time again that SONOS is the easiest sound system to operate. No matter where you are in the comfort of your home, SONOS makes it convenient to change the tune with one simple click on your phone, ipad, computer – any device with Wi-Fi. You’ve also got 30+ streaming services (Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime) to choose from! The best part: these speakers are wireless so you can skip the annoying hassle of hiding wires or fishing them into walls. Just push play.

Your Eardrums Will Thank You

Trust us when we say, installing SONOS in your home is worth every cent and your eardrums will thank you! Designed to give you a personal, powerful music experience, SONOS can be installed in any home – in any room – with a number of products that will rise above your audio-expectations.

Play:1 Speaker

This compact speaker has a ton of volume and fits in any space.

Play:3 Speaker

With the Play:3 Speaker, you can play two songs from two different rooms or sync the same tune for incredible sound. This speaker has more depth than Play:1 and can fill the space of a large-size room.

Play:5 Speaker

Bigger. Bolder. Better. The Play:5 is a 6-amplifier speaker. It’s a must have.

Connect Amp

For the ultimate streaming sound, upgrade your speakers with the Connect Amp. It has a built in digital amplifier.

The Sub

Base. The Sub is all about base and connects wirelessly to PLAY:1, PLAY:3, PLAY:5 speakers, the Connect AMP, and the Playbar.


Did you know you could also create your very own home theater? You just need the SONOS Playbar, which connects to your HDTV from your Xbox, Blu-ray, or Apple TV. Experience your favorite movies with seamless syncing.

We Offer a FREE On-site Evaluation & Quick Installation Services

We’re pros at room configuration and customizing wall mounts or stands so you don’t have to take on additional projects (or accidentally damage your home)! And, contact us (414-303-8746 / Email) today to take advantage of our $50.00 discount. Simply tell us you saw this coupon! Let’s get you geared up for #Summerfest50 and forever change the way you experience music. #HappyEarDrums #HappyHome