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Shades—an integral part of the light control system.

Lighting is more than what you see—it’s a feeling.

Controls—crafted to create the personal touch.

Lighting Control

Lighting is more than what you see—it’s a feeling, crafted to create the personal touch and with authentic materials that bare the marks of artisanship. Engineered to be powerfully simple to use.​


Like a dimmer for the sun. Weave whisper-quiet privacy, UV protection, and a choice between hundreds of premium textiles into the Lutron light control system.

Lighting control and shades

Unrivaled light. Precision shades. Hand-crafted controls.

Sonos Installation Milwaukee, WI

Sonos is a wireless home sound system that can stream music to as many rooms as you want to connect, all controlled from your mobile device.

Sonos Installation Milwaukee, WI
Samsung Frame TV is an elegant, and art-inspired design that seamlessly integrates into any space.  We have a wide range of customizable bezels to match any decor to create a framed piece of art when not in use.  Turn it on and you have a vibrant 4K UHD picture and smart TV functionality. 
Sonos Installation Milwaukee, WI

Lutron systems allow you to control your lights and other devices remotely and as part of larger systems, allowing you to connect smart home systems together for a truly magical experience.

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