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You don’t need to spend dollars on a trip to the Grand Canyon to create lasting memories – you can do so in the comfort of your very own backyard. Imagine watching the game in your private outdoor theater. Picture your family enjoying a late-night movie underneath the stars, or entertaining dinner guests on the patio with music all around. Pure Sound & Vision can make this a reality!

outdoor theater outdoor tv sunbrite

As home technology experts, we will help you create the space to inspire a lifetime of memories through the conveniences of technology. We customize the best outdoor sound system and offer a free onsite consulation. We also know the best products on the market to meet your personalized vision.

Outdoor Theater TV | SunBrite

SunBrite has made is so affordable and convenient to have an outdoor TV, everyone should have one. Sealed for insects and moisture, this best selling product is also brighter than indoor televisions and comes with a user-friendly, waterproof remote. Your outdoor theater won’t be complete without one.

Sunbrite outdoor theater tv

Outdoor Sound System

If you’re investing in an outdoor sound system, you want even volume, balanced coverage, and no disturbances. While satellite speakers and subwoofers are designed to be hidden, you’re also able to direct sound to fill desired spaces. You’re guaranteed to experience perfectly even coverage throughout your entire backyard, without disturbing the neighbors!

Change the Way You Enjoy Life. Change the Way You Create Memories.

So, why upgrade your outdoor space with a dedicated sound system and outdoor TV? It’s not just about adding value to your home or making the neighbors jealous – although that’s going to happen. When it comes to creating an outdoor home theater, you’re creating a welcoming space that your family can enjoy over and over again. The Grand Canyon can wait.

With summer just around the corner, let Pure Sound & Vision make your backyard the place to be. We’ll change the way you enjoy life. We’ll change the way you create memories.  


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