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A Smarter Home.
A Simpler Life.

Control of your music, thermostat, lights and more from your smartphone or tablet.

Your Home... Connected

Imagine walking into your house, and your lights turn on, anticipating your arrival. You sit down to watch a movie, hit one button on your remote and the lights go down, home theater system turns on. You go on vacation and your thermostat cools the house down, but keeps the house warm enough so the pipes don’t freeze. Your security cameras alert you if someone enters your home, but knows the cat can be ignored. The home of the future is now a reality.
Sonos - Smart Home - Pure Sound Vision
Seat rumbling 5.1 channel sound in your home theater, sublte background music in the kitchen, and classic rock blasting in the garage. All from one system, controlled from your phone.
Nest - Smart Home - Pure Sound Vision
Thermostats that can learn, smoke alarms that can speak, and cameras that know what to look for. Nest makes your home smarter than you thought possible.
Lutron - Smart Home - Pure Sound Vision
Whether you want improved energy efficiency, or just better control of the lighting throughout your home, Lutron has a solution for you. And some Lutron systems are compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, so you can control your lights without lifting a finger.


A smart remote can simplify control of your home theater and replace all your existing remote controls. Simplify your AV system with a custom programmed smart remote and take control of your system with one-touch automation.

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