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Smart Remote. Smart Home.

Pure Sound & Vision is here to help you make life a whole lot smarter with the URC Smart Remote. This user-friendly, high-tech device is true automation at its finest and it will forever change your life. Stop trying to figure out how to operate 5-6 remote...

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Create Lasting Memories with the Ultimate Outdoor Theater

You don't need to spend dollars on a trip to the Grand Canyon to create lasting memories - you can do so in the comfort of your very own backyard. Imagine watching the game in your private outdoor theater. Picture your family enjoying a late-night movie underneath the...

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Gear Up for #Summerfest50 with the Sounds of SONOS

The Home Technology Experts at Pure Sound & Vision will get you ready for #SummerFest50 with the sounds of SONOS streaming throughout your entire home! With more than 20-years of home-theater installation experience, we’ll get you so pumped for #Summerfest50 you’ll feel like you’re already there!

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